fOURTEEN YEARS AGO some pals rented an office space in downtown Fort Worth, Texas for no good reason. the moment the phone line was connected, the phone rang. It was the wrong number by someone thinking they called a pizza place. It became apparent that we had a phone number that was coincidentally close to two different pizza places, a bail bondsman, and an old woman named Shirley. After a whole year of wrong-number callers going unanswered, it was time to take a call. From that moment on, it became clear that no matter how ridiculous the call got, people will put up with the most implausible crap if they believed they're going to get to eventually order a pizza or talk to Shirley.

OVER the years, we´d try various experiments such as transferring the calls to other friends who wanted to try their hand at it, pitching unbelievably odd new products, playing obscure on-hold recordings, and other shenanigans. The result out of over 800 calls to the wrong number yielded a fantastic colletion of hilarious material.

01 They Clicks 09 Mandarin Orange Topping 17 Emergency Room III
02 Shirley I 10 Tax Free Weekend I 18 No Coupon
03 Basketball I 11 Tax Free Weekend II 19 Vidalia Onions
04 Basketball II 12 Tax Free Weekend III 20 On a Submarine
05 Basketball III 13 Out of Cheese I 21 Beekeepers
06 Basketball IV 14 Out of Cheese II 22 Pepperoni Song
07 Cok-a-sheen I 15 Emergency Room I
08 Cok-a-sheen II 16 Emergency Room II